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Inspirational women from the present


Nuria Graham


I started playing the guitar when I was little, at 6 years old. When I was 13, I started composing songs. And since then I haven´t stopped. I started more "folky" , with acoustic guitar. Now I like the electric guitar with weird effects. When someone ask me what style I do, I say "pop". My songs come out of things of life, the street, a movie that makes me cry. Now, I am 18 years old, and I will play in the next Primavera Sound Festival.


Martha Zimmerman

Gallery owner

I used to be the agent of illustrators and artists as Sergio Mora, but when my son Nico was born I chose to undertake to life balance and feel close with the child universe. Then I created PLOM, a contemporary art gallery focused on the little ones.


Krizia Robustella

Fashion Designer

I´m a young designer, frontwoman in my own fashion company, with a style that I define as " Sport Deluxe”, which draws on sports garments in recent decades to create their own universe in which comfort merges with luxury. I love to play with colour and have fun with my job.


Patricia Aibar AKA Martie Tooth


I paint with watercolors and ink as far as I can remember. When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with the Charcot MarieTooth neurological disorder, and I decided to transform it into part of my artistic work. I recently left my job as a creative in advertising and made my first solo exhibition.


Mònica Escudero

Gastronomic journalist

I´m a gastronomic journalist and writer and mother of two. I work for El Comidista , most visited spanish food blog (http://blogs.elpais.com/el-comidista/), and El País Semanal , and I’ve published two books for Penguin Random House. I have chosen cooking as part of my job because is a good way to say “I love you”.


Mireira Rodriguez

Art director & Photographer

I´m art director and photographer. I began my career as a graphic designer, working in advertising agencies, but when my daughter was born I decided to change and do something more life balacing with my condition. I always loved photography, and that´s how My Umbrella Studio was born.

History of inspirational women in Spain


The feminist movement in Spain culminated this year in the election of 22 women to the new Spanish democratic senate. One year later, anti-discrimination legislation was passed securing equal rights for men and women in Spanish society.


María Goyri de Menéndez Pidal, campaigner for equal rights to education for women, passed away this year. As the first Spanish woman to hold a doctorate degree, she was only permitted to attend classes on the proviso that she not distract her male colleagues.


Women are finally given the right to vote, a small step towards an equal role in shaping Spanish society.


A striking reversal of what was then the norm, Francesca Bonnemaison i Farriols created the first library in Europe exclusively for women. Her aim was to give single, working-class women the chance to gain an education and her efforts put women’s rights well and truly on the agenda.


The first International Women's Day.

Bloggers that attended the Eastpak She Wears Tour in Barcelona

Diana Aller


Virginia Camus


Araceli Segura

Graphic Designer

Arianna Díaz


Gemma Thug Ladies


Eva Villazala


Helena Exquis

Artist & Activist

Ester Tió


Lidia Juvasteny


Silvia Méndez


Estela Cebrián


Raquel Piñeiro


Francesca Tur


Candela Rodríguez