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Inspirational women from the present


Sandra Ziaei-Fanni



Susann Hoffmann and Nora-Vanessa Wohlert

Digital Entrepreneurs

Susann: Before founding EDITION F, I worked briefly as Head of Comms at Vertical Media, Gründerszene’s publishing house. And before that, for over 4 years as PR and Strategy Consultant at Scholz & Friends. I love to inspire women to reach their full potential, which is why I’m proud to welcome the Tour to EDITION F.

Nora-Vanessa Wohlert: Prior to founding EDITION F, I was Managing Editor at Gründerszene, the leading online magazine for the startup scene in Germany. Prior to that, I worked at PR agency fischerAppelt relations and at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.


Lisa Jaspers

Fashion Designer

I turned the idea of Folkdays into a business with the help of a circle of friends back in August 2013. My previous work as a development aid consultant had taken me to some of the world’s most interesting and remote places. During this time I was exposed to a wealth of different cultures, stories and talented people whose skills deserved to be shared.




Hey! I am Lary. I live a lot and I love a lot, and then I write it down and sing about it. A lot! :-) Some people say my music is something in between fashion, poetry, and sex. I'd say it's something in between me losing myself and Tequila. Cause you can't find anything until it’s lost, right?

History of inspirational women in Germany


The struggle to legalize abortions in Germany took an enormous leap forward at the beginning of the decade thanks to the work of Alice Schwarzer. Just three years after the publication of her seminal paper calling for the legalization of abortions, the law was changed in 1974. Schwarzer continued to campaign for equal rights for women and was instrumental in another change to legislation previously barring women from seeking paid employment without their husband’s permission. Hard to imagine this was just over 40 years and 1 generation ago!


Angela Merkel is born, the first female Chancellor of Germany and according to Forbes, the second most powerful person in the world. As well as being a spearhead of reform within both Germany and the EU, Merkel is also a qualified physicist.


All women get the right to vote


The first International Women’s Day, which women’s rights activist Helene Lange used to draw attention to the campaign for equal rights to education. Seen as a moderate voice in the women’s rights movement, she was nevertheless capable of driving significant change. She herself ran a number of schools where boys and girls were treated equally.

Bloggers that attended the Eastpak She Wears Tour in Berlin

Anne Kruger


Mayra Fateh


Michal Tesler


Sonja Schreiber


Miriam Zenner


Vreni Frost


Teresa Koster


Armandine H


Leni Garibov


Marieke Fischer


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