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Inspirational women from the present


Nik Southern

Florist and Business Owner

I founded Grace and Thorn in 2011 after a decade living in the country and more than a decade as an IT recruitment specialist. We try to avoid over-manipulation in our designs, allowing our arrangements to retain their natural beauty. We are currently leading a green revolution with our #greenupyourgaff campaign, inspiring people to add more greenery to their homes.


Frieda Gormley


My husband and I originally founded House of Hackney in 2010 as an interiors label. Our quest was 'to take the beige out of interiors' with an emphasis on quality, design and Made in England. We wanted to spark a return to British-made prints and products that are steeped in tradition but bold and subversive at the same time. Traditional products that can be lived, loved and passed down.


Michelle Songy & Charlotte Kohlmann

Digital Entrepreneurs

Michelle: I knew around the time I was in Uni that I wanted to work in the digital world. But in the midst of the recession in 2008, digital media jobs weren't exactly easy to find. So after working a couple of years in corporate finance, I moved to London and met up with my friend Charlotte Kohlman, who I knew through mutual friends back home. We instantly bonded over our desire to make a career change and started brainstorming how to apply our acquired talents. The rest, as they say, is history!


Catriona McGregor

Charity Leader

I trained as a “Teach First” teacher in Edmonton, where I was the subject leader for Citizenship, developing a curriculum that would give young people the knowledge and practical experience they need to be informed, critical and engaged citizens. Nowadays I am the Captain of The Hackney Pirates, which I set up with friends and collaborators in 2010 to support young people in developing their literacy, confidence and perseverance.


Laura Jackson & Alice Levine


We both worked in TV and Radio but truly found common ground over our lifelong love of food. After an exchange of emails, recipes, restaurant discoveries and food ideas, we decided to set up a lunch club. We spent a year cooking for each other, experimenting with new ideas and eating all over London (all in the name of “research”) before taking on the world of food ourselves in late 2013.

History of inspirational women in United Kingdom


A breakthrough of the women’s rights movement as equal rights are finally set in stone. The Sex Discrimination Act makes it illegal to discriminate against women in employment, education, and training. About time!


The at times controversial but defiant Diane Abbot is born. As the first black female member of parliament in the UK, Abbot was a tough campaigner for equality across race, gender, and class divides. Because sometimes, even in politics, compromise is out of the question.


After years of struggle, the suffragette movement finally gains ground, securing equal voting rights for women


Over 3000 women, led by Millicent Fawcett, marched through London to raise awareness for Women’s rights. It was the largest march of its time and attracted thousands of spectators.


The first International Women's Day.

Bloggers that attended the Eastpak She Wears Tour in London

Olivia Purvis


Flo Wales Bonner

Style Writer

Amanda Khouv

Fashion Editor

Joanna Knight


Henna Patel

Lifestyle Editor

Jess Gee


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