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Inspirational women from the present


Francesca De Giorgi


Among other things, I am the founder of ServoMuto, a company based in Milan that reinterprets antique objects from a contemporary point of view. We aim to create an original and romantic mood, transformed with contemporary contents. It is very much a “female company” which was started by my grandmother in Florence, then passed to my mother in Puglia and can now be found in Milan as well as New York and London, too!


Beatrice Piacentini


I was born in Milan where I discovered my passion for art photography through my father who was a photographer and a director. A passion which is now also my career! I mostly deal with fashion images and studio photographs but also with events, collaborating with fashion and communication agencies and private companies, too. Photography will always remain my first passion.


Margherita Angelucci

Business Owner

After graduating from law school, I went London to pursue a career in international finance. But it was when I moved to Paris that I fell deeply in love with flowers and decided to come back to Milan and open this shop. No doubt, this was pre-ordained, because my name means “daisy” in English. Nowadays my life is filled with flowers and colors.


Fabrizia Endrizi and Ilaria Biamonti

Digital Entrepreneurs

Fabrizia: after several experiences in the publishing industry and press offices, I am now a Content Community Manager. I also write for GirlGeekLife.com and am responsible for the communication and events planning at Yatta! Makerspace.

Ilaria: I literally live with my phone in hand because I work in the digital marketing and media industry. I am also a strong supporter of the sharing economy and of collaborative processes. I am part of the community of Etsy Italy Team and of the makerspace Yatta! In my freetime I create laser jewels and I love to collect old Polaroids!


Ketty Passa


I used to work as a radio presenter and a VeeJay on Italian TV but I'm really a singer, first and foremost. I composed my first album with Toxic Tuna named #cantakettypassa in April 2013 before playing it live around Italy. I'm also a host and singer with the benefit project REZOPHONIC and often DJ at some of the wildest clubs in Milan such as Atomic Bar, Goganga Discobar and Arci Ohibò. I love music and I love art! 

History of inspirational women in Italy


Feminism took a radical leap forward in Italy with the foundation of the radical activist group Female Revolt. Campaigning for equal rights to work, to have an abortion, and to get a divorce, the group was spearheaded by the revolutionary Elvira Bonetti. As well as an activist, however, Bonetti was also an internationally renowned artist, who later joined the Accademia di belle arti di Brera.


Maria Montessori died in the same year Eastpak was born. One of the first women to qualify as a doctor in the last 1800s, Montessori was forced to attend classes on her own, since it was deemed inappropriate to do so with men. As well as devoting her life to medicine, however, Montessori also campaigned for women’s rights and is most famous for her revolutionary approach to education, particularly for children with learning difficulties. Her approach is still used across the world today.


All women first get the right to vote


Leading neuroscientist and winner of the Nobel Prize in 1986, Rita Levi was born. It is hard to imagine that the discoverer of stem cells almost didn’t even make it to college. In fact, she only did so by disobeying her father who thought it would distract her from her duties as a mother and a wife!


The first International Women's Day.

Bloggers that attended the Eastpak She Wears Tour in Milan

Valentina Ciannamea


Francesca Piovano


Irene Traina


Maria Campadel


Rosamaria Coniglio


Monica Faretra


Valeria Oneto


Angelica Pianarosa


Camilla Colombo


Evelina La Maida


Antonella Reina


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