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Inspirational women from the present


Poly Anna


While I was traveling the world, I wrote tons of songs. In the summer of 2012 I decided not to travel, but to record all the songs I wrote instead. Together with my producer Robin van Loenen (Destine), we choose 13 of the best songs and picked for my debut album Indigo.


Dorrith de Roode


I´ve been an independent fashion designer since I graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts. After internships at Walter van Beierendonck and Dirk Schonberger I started working on my own collections. I share my studio located at BINK 36, with my sister where we work on various projects together under the name Les Soeurs Rouges.


Lonneke van Leth


I am a choreographer and passionate dancer. I made my first choreographie in 2000 and in 2004 I won a young talent award in the City Of The Hague. In 2009 I founded the Lonneke van Leth foundation. I create dance productions for Lonneke van Leth productions for kids, festivals, and theatres


Geesje Mosies


For years I worked in corporate business, walking around every day in suits and heels. When I was traveling with a family member to Brasil, I decided I wanted to do something with spare materials from the fashion factories. A local from Brasil taught me to hook and I was hooked! I started Hoooked in 2007, now we are a milion dollar business and have about sixty peoples working for the brand


Geertje Muffels


In January 2009 I started the shop and exposition space Grote Witte Reus together with Robert Jan Verhagen. We wanted to connect a broad audience with art and stimulate young artists. Every year we select a small group or artist, and give them our shop and expo space to show their work.


Lucy Zuiderwijk

Restaurant Owner

I the owner of lunch café De Overkant and event manager at Wijsje. I was always passionate about food and music so combined the two. At De Overkant we serve fresh biological food, we bake everything ourselves. Wijsje is a musical tour that we organize in different cities. During the tour we visit undiscovered places like an abandoned orphanage where a local musician performs.


Joy Falkena

Charity Worker

I work for De Achterban, an organization that helps homeless people in The Hague. Every year on International Women Day we organize a special beauty treatment day for women who are homeless. Around 90 homeless women are invited to enjoy pedicures, manicures, beauty treatments, massages offered by professionals and entrepreneurs in The Hague together with volunteers


Daphne Oedekerk

Surf School Owner

I have been working in the film industry for many years. I met my boyfriend who grew up surfing. I got the surf bug too, and we started Aloha Surfschool in 2000. Now we are the first surfschool in Scheveningen Beach that is open all year round. Something I am very proud of.


Lisette Mataar

Business Manager

After studying International Business, a carrier in politics and the non profit sector followed, and I've been General Manager at Humanity House since 2010. The Humanity House raises discussion about humanitarian themes to increase understanding, inspiring people to contribute positively to a life of peace and freedom for everybody. We believe that everybody should enjoy the right to live in peace and freedom, and everybody can contribute positively to this in their own way.


Fleur Kruyt

Museum Owner

I am co-owner of Van Kleef, a distillery which was founded in 1842 and got closed by the government in 1986. In 2009 my partner re-opened the distillery and made it into a museum. My partner and I wanted to reconnect people with Van Kleef and it’s rich history, so we now organise tours and other activities.


Majel Blonden

Venue Manager

I started my career in the 1990s, managing large music venues and events in Rotterdam. Since then I have been actively involved in commissions that stimulate arts in The Netherlands, like The Performance Arts Funds. In 2014 I became General Manager of The Hague’s biggest music venue Paard van Troje.

History of inspirational women in The Netherlands


Just as everyone was starting to think feminism was little more than a passing fad, Joke Smit put women’s rights squarely back on the agenda. The publication of her article on “The dissatisfaction of women” sent shockwaves throughout The Netherlands. Her lifelong struggle for equal employment rights, better education, and the right to have an abortion finally started to gain traction. And the country has never been the same since.


Anna de Waal became the first female minister in The Netherlands, occupying the post of Minister for Education. A staunch campaigner for equal access to quality education, de Waal was also a strong role model in her own right for many women aspiring to a career in politics.


Two stars were born this year: Eastpak and the famous Dutch actress Monique van de Ven. Her role in Turkish Delight – arguably the greatest Dutch film ever made – catapulted her to stardom in The Netherlands, well before she starred in the Oscar-winning Dutch film, The Assault. A role model to so many women during her day, van de Ven is currently active as a UNICEF ambassador, fighting for the rights of children around the world, regardless of their age, religion, economic background or gender.


The field of genetics has grown in leaps and bounds in recent decades, but few people are aware that a lot of that progress can be attributed to one pioneering woman. Jantine Tammes was the first-ever professor of genetics in The Netherlands. Her research lead to several breakthroughs throughout the early 20th century, despite the fact that as a woman, she was not even allowed to receive a doctorate. Indeed, women had only just become eligible to vote in the same year!


Aletta Jacobs was responsible for many firsts: she was the first female physician in The Netherlands, she was the first Dutchwoman to hold a university degree and as leader of the Dutch Association for Women’s Suffrage, she was responsible for the first International Women’s Day. Sadly, yet another woman who was before her time, for all the wrong reasons.

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