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Inspirational women from the present


Jacqueline Friis Mikkelsen


I’ve been in the modelling business for over 30 years now and have been Chief Executive of Unique Models, one of Copenhagen’s biggest modeling agencies for 14 of them. As a staunch supporter of equal rights for women in business, I also helped set up an ethical charter in collaboration with the Danish Fashion Institute. I see it as as my duty to share my experience and get as many women as possible interested in leadership. Which is why I am very excited about the Eastpak She Wears Tour.


Ane Egebak & Anne-Mette Nørrevangs


We all came from different academic backgrounds before starting Din Nye Ven together. Now we find ourselves in charge of a variety of daily tasks from brewing coffee and pulling beer to public relations, concept development and tax accounting. We love passing on or experience as independent entrepreneurs and are really looking forward to the She Wears Tour.


Anne-Mette Michaelsen


As CEO of Powerkvinderne, my goal is to inspire women who want to believe in themselves, strengthen their personal impact, fill their life with purpose and be true to themselves. I am currently writing a book about womenomics - the connection between women, market, and economic growth. I leapt at the chance to be a part of the She Wears Tour because I love to dare women to be flawsome: “Totally awesome, but not without flaws"


Gun-Britt Zeller

Hairdresser and business owner

I’ve been in the hairdressing business for over 50 years now, so I guess I have a trick or two to share. These days, I still like to work at my own salon in the heart of Copenhagen as well as manage my own line of quality hair products. I love to share the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the years and conduct regular hairdressing master classes and various shows, lectures and events. Can’t wait for the She Wears Tour to come to Copenhagen!


Sundra Essien

Founder of Isangs

I used to work as a human rights attorney, but nowadays defend human rights via a slightly different approach as the founder of the fair trade and organic shop, Isangs Hair & Body. I like to bring my extensive experience in permaculture design, human rights, and social entrepreneurship to the shop, which itself I a product of my passion for product chemistry and sustainable business.


Irina Torres

Environmental Specialist

I currently work as an Environmental and Chemical Specialist at Maersk Drilling, helping to improve the environmental performance of offshore oil rigs around the world. I’m originally from Siberia in Russia, and went from washing floors in a sandwich bar to launching a successful career, giving birth to a child, and buying a house and car 3 years later. I believe women have an essential role to play in sustainable business and I’m keen to pass on my experiences on the She Wears Tour.

History of inspirational women in Denmark


The radical feminism movement in Denmark took on the guise of the Redstocking Movement, sparking debate about the roles of men and women in society. The group succeeded in securing greater awareness and support for women’s education and the struggle against domestic violence.


Lene Vestergaard Hau is born, a celebrated physicist who played a leading role in global research in applied physics. She is best known for her involvement in the Harvard University team that succeeded in slowing and eventually stopping a beam of light in 2001.


Women get the right to vote


Matilde Bajer founds the Danish Women’s Peace Association after already creating waves with the Danish Women’s Society. Founded in 1871, the latter is the oldest women’s association in the world!


The first International Women's Day.

Bloggers that attended the Eastpak She Wears Tour in Copenhagen

Tikkie Oestrich


Katarine Lee


Inez Dawczyk


Louise Mikkelsen


Amalie Fischer Cover

Web assistant

Sandra Villard

Fashion blogger

Marie Jersild Viltoft


Maja Darvingm


Serina Jensen


Amira Høg Daimar


Karoline Stanolewicz


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