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Inspirational women from the present


Pupa Biasucci


I grew up in the the world of graffitti before later deciding to study graphic design. My dream was always to create my own works but without money, support or a network, I had to think outside the box. And so L’Appartement was born: a nomadic exhibition and networking event that gives a platform to local artists.


Virginie Honvoh


An architect by trade, I’ve been self-employed for over a year now. I believe my work should first and foremost be a tool at the service of society and my primary priority when working on any given project is respect for the surrounding environment.


Delphine Quirin

Fashion Designer

I’ve been in the fashion industry for around 20 years now and began work as a fashion designer after studying art history. I started my own business in 1996 making hats and other tailormade creations. It was my knitted collection in 1999 that made a real breakthrough. And today, I’m proud to say my designs are sold all around the world.


Emmanuelle Wegria


I always dreamed of starting my own label. Something that would bring together my passions for fashion, design and food. And those passions have now culminated in “Wattitude”, a shop that sells a variety of products “made in Wallonia”. I used to work out of an old abandoned warehouse buut in 2014, the City of Liège offered me a prime location in the city with a surface area of 100m2.


Marine Lequet


I guess I wasn’t content to play second fiddle to my husband’s Café Lequet. And so I decided to open my own restaurant as well. Le Dernier Ragot opened its doors 15 years ago. The signature dish at both our establishments is the local speciality, ‘le boulet de Liège’, a kind of meatball served with fries and salad. It has since become a healthy rivalry as to who does it better! No guesses as to what my opinion is.


Morgane Lindenberg

Business Owner

The concept store, Irina Kha was named after my grandmother and is a true family story. Originally opened by my parents in 1995, the store is a fusion of the fashion and art worlds. The space’s contrasting natural and industrial materials form the perfect backdrop for our collections by Dries Van Noten, Prada, Chiara Ferragni, and many others. I’m pleased to have inherited such an institution and given it my own personal twist.


Gaëtane Leroy

Hotel Owner

I used to work as an historian before becoming the owner of the Hotel Neuvice. I fell in love with the building and its courtyard the first time I saw it. Located in the oldest street in Liège, for the first time I felt the history I used to teach come alive with this project. I’ve been careful to retain all the authentic elements of the building and mix them with modern materials such as concrete. Proud owner since 2012!


Bénédicte Goffin


In 2013, my husband and I decided to open a waffle shop. We decided on the name “Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette” which roughly translates as “A waffle house, goodness me”. The comical name ensures that everybody remembers it. And if you ask me, the waffles - based on old recipes - are like nowhere else in the country! But don’t take my word for it. Come and try them!


Mélanie Lemmens

Business Owner

Music, art history and chocolate. Those are the passions that have inspired me all my life. And so I wanted my shop in the historic center of Liège to be a veritable who’s who of the best chocolate craftspeople in the world. I only sell the finest quality products made from exceptional ingredients, which helped me grow the business from an online venture to the number one location in the city!


Jessica Berger

Business Owner

I founded Restore with my partner, who also happens to be a painter, Benjamin Pailhe. We sells design objects made exclusively from recycled materials, hence the name “Restore”. We collect our “raw materials” from customers, factories, and even dumpsters. Every piece is unique or in limited edition, and many of them are made on site by our own hands.

History of inspirational women in Belgium


The feminist movement was gaining traction in Europe in the early seventies and in Belgium, that was due in no small part to Miet Smit. A staunch advocate of women’s rights, she founded the political movement Women and Society which campaigned for equal rights, better economic prospects and greater awareness of violence against women.


Belgium is sadly behind many of its neighbors when it comes to equal rights. Indeed, it took two world wars before women earned the right to vote, nearly 30 years after The Netherlands just across the border.


Who would have thought that the field of war photography was pioneered by a woman? Even before she founded the “Association of press photographers”, Germaine van Parys was already recognized as one of the leading photojournalists of her age. She was one of precious few female photojournalists during World War II and her depictions of the liberation of Belgium are legendary.


The first International Women’s Day gave impetus to the efforts of Leonie La Fontaine, an early campaigner for women’s rights in Belgium. She was a member of the International Union of Women for Peace and a leader in the movement to give women the right to vote, save money, testify in court, and receive access to education. Like so many of her generation, however, she did not live to see her dreams become reality.

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Sasha Farber


Marie Bladt




Ellen Kegels

Fashion Entrepreneur

Kate Stockman



Lifestyle website

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Marie Honnay


Catherine Pleeck


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Lisa Lapauw


Elspeth Jenkins


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Eva Daeleman


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Annelien Boens


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