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Fall 14

Look, see, feel and touch our 4 Fall 2014 stories.

In essence, a look book is a love-book. That’s why we captured our new Fall 2014 bags being very intimate with some of our beloved friends, the bloggers and stylists @princepelayo, @jeanpaulpaula, @styleforguys, the twins of @zwillingsnaht, @ebbazingmark and the two friends @merryruth & @merrynathalie. To capture love, you need a loving man. Meet Charlie Engman @charlieengman who captured our Fall 14 collection. Charlie is the dancing picture-maker and the new voodoo-child of fashion photography. What we offer in this look book, are 4 different Eastpak stories. One about Summer, one about Girls, one about Travel and another one dealing with the packing possibilities of everyday life. These are stories about bags that will hopefully carry your own story in the future.