Interview with Nathalie De Schepper

Tell us more about yourself. What do you do? What do you love to do?

When you ask what I do, first thing that comes to mind is my job as a fashion PR pro. But if you ask me what I love to do: immerse myself in nature (I love animals), good food (I love a good meal cooked with love), and fashion (I’ve kind of got a thing for that, too). Combine all these elements in some far-away destination with my partner-in-crime, Michiel,
by my side and you'll find me in the merriest of moods.


What is your favorite city in Belgium/in the world?

In Belgium: Antwerp. I moved there last year and haven't looked back since. I love to call it home now. In the world: LA, the City of Angels. I travelled through California last summer and fell in love with the beaches, the sunsets, museums and
vintage stores full of treasures!


Can you share some of your secret hotspots?

In Antwerp my favorite places to go to right now are Tinsel for brunch
(for that perfect Sunday feel), Camino for lunch (a must on Fridays to soak up the atmosphere of the adjacent flea market) and Fong Mei for dinner (order the 'discovery menu' with a group of friends).


What would you prefer: an apartment in London or a private deserted island?

An apartment in London. Not that I wouldn't like that deserted island, but I'd get bored after a while. I'm used to living in the fast lane and a city like London has all the inspiration for a busy bee like me!


What's your favorite place on the planet?

Depends on the moment and the company I'm in. I can feel at home in all kinds of places. That's why I don't plan on buying a house any time soon, I want to feel like I have an unlimited number of places to call home.


What is your favorite mode of transport? (Bike, plane, train, boat, bus) 

First and foremost, and most practical: my bike. My bike is the fastest way to get where I need to go especially in a city like Antwerp. It’s also the most enriching. Cars are too much of a cocoon these days. There's no connection to the outside world or other people you come across.


What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word Eastpak?

Indestructible. To stand the test of time. It's that bag you drag along for years. It's your best friend from your recent and far away past. A bag that carries memories.


What surprises you about Eastpak today?

That after all this time, they stay true to their original style, but keep on doing things in a refreshing way. They reinvent themselves when necessary, but don't forget where they come from. Timeless is the right word in this case.


What items would you pack with this carry-on trolley?

I'm an anti-basics girl. Depending on the destination, I'd pack it with a selection of statement pieces and stuff the necessities in the small gaps in between.


If you had this trolley in one hand, what would be in the other at say, the airport? (magazine, coffee, a leash, iPhone, samurai sword, apple,...)

My iPhone for checking up on things and a copy of The Gentlewoman Magazine for those slow moments.


Eastpak trolleys are known for their super-smooth wheels. What's the highest speed you've ever ran with a trolley and where was it?

When I studied fashion design, my trolley was my partner-in-crime for taking my collection pieces and materials everywhere. I’d clock up all kinds of speeds trying to make it to class on time after staying up all night sewing my own fingers together or dancing my ass off.


You’re holding the smallest Eastpak available. What will you be putting in it?

A matte red lipstick, a small mirror to touch-up my lipstick, my money and statement sunglasses or leather half-gloves depending on the season.


Mini-backpacks were very trendy in the 90s. What do you remember about the 90s?

Backpacks in general were all the rage, even at Chanel. Hair was either big and messy or slick and clean, nothing in between. Sex was everywhere and people were perfectly okay with that. Lingerie was generally white, lacy and had to be pulled up high over your hips. We danced to the Lambada at family parties.


With what outfit would you combine this backpack?

A loose, but short monochrome dress with an open back + a pair of stand-out sneakers and crazy sunglasses.