Made for street charmers

With the Aminimal collection, we’re addressing the fashionable urbanistas.

These wild predator-printed packs are right up the alley of youngsters with a dare-devilish appearance. Not only will these prints make folks roar, the designs of the Aminimal collection are quite new and daring. For that, meet Soukie and Frick, the new shopper and the tiniest of backpacks. The city’s a jungle and we’re ready for adventure.

Jill and Jana

"Girls can wear Eastpak now. Before, we always felt that the brand was sort of reaching out to the cool guys only."

German fashion twins Jill and Jana were pretty amazed by our new Aminimal collection and colours.

"There are some really fashionable bags that surprised me. They really match with my leggings!"

And then they laughed their behinds off...

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