See what others were wearing in 2015, the trends we saw emerging, and take a sneak peek in to what will be popular in the world of backpacks, shoulder bags, and luggage for 2016.

Small prints

Subtle prints which allow you to make a statement without shouting were very popular this year. And we expect to see this trend continue.

Lill' Dot and Lill' Feather were two of our most popular styles across 2015, and this kind of style will continue in to 2016.


Bolder prints

Many people still want to make a big statement with typographics and bold, colorful prints also being very popular in 2015. Especially in warmer countries where they get a chance to go outside and show off their style.

Hex Pink and Purple Chive made waves in 2015, whether it was on a Padded Pak'r or a Delegate messenger bag.


Modest Tones

Black, black, and more black. Elegant in its simplicity, and perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Dark, block colors remain a firm favourite. Our classic Black Padded Pak'r is seen across the globe, and is joined by colors such as Midnight on the Tranverz.

There are some styles that will never go away, and we see these styles staying with us for many years.


Heritage Styles

Eastpak has been making bags since 1952, so we have a long design heritage we can call on.

Retro styling has been very popular, with people seeking a traditional look on a bag fit for modern living.

Our 1952 range is a classic look, still very popular today. And people are also buying in to the more updated look from Merge, and our new take on the classic nylon style bags from the 1980s.


Travel in Style

With air travel being so much easier, people have been focusing on how their luggage looks when they get in to the airport.

Cabin luggage doesn't need to be boring, and our range of carry-ons have becoming increasingly popular. Styles like Sunday Paper and Outside Denim add a touch of class to the faithful wheeled luggage.

And at the end of 2015, we launched Tranzshell, with our take on hard luggage become immediately popular with travellers.


Hidden Secrets

Another trend which took hold was the bag which contains something you don't expect.

The Padded Stash'r made it easier to tuck away your tablet without opening your bag, but looks just like the Padded Pak'r.

More and more people took to Floid this year with its sleek design hiding a number of pockets and sleeves to stash away your gear. We see the trend for sleek and clever design inside and outside the bag continuing through 2016.


Premium treats

We also saw through 2015 that people are always looking for a special treat.

Leather is always popular, giving a timeless look as it gets better with age. A number of people have taken this higher-end approach to their backpacks and work bags.

The Eastpak collaborations with Jean Paul Gaultier and House of Hackney also sold in a record time. Classic design made with top quality materials, proving that people will always seek quality that lasts.


What's coming for 2016?

More bold prints

2016 will be a time to make a bold statement, and we're on board with this trend.

The Distinct range will bring stripes, colors, and stand out prints that will make a big impression at any time of the year.

And we'll be continuing the trend with exciting prints from the start of the year all the way through the end. January's Grid of Rock is just one example of the bold direction you'll see coming this year.

Classic styles

There will be plenty of new styles coming from Eastpak this year, with many based on a classic style from our past.

The Austin is a classic shape with sleek lines that we think will be hot across the year. And our Bunter style takes this one step further, with a classic vintage shape and no external pockets.

In 2016 we think simple and classic will be two key words.

A 1980s love-in

People often look back to the past to inform the future.

We see nylon getting ever popular in the coming 12 months, with people looking for a genuine 1980s style, but tailored with a modern finish.

We'll be digging in to the Eastpak archives, and putting forward more reissues, allowing today's Eastpak wearer to relive one of our most famous prints from 1987.