Made for seekers

For tech-savvy folks we have a wide range of tech bags.

They’re all equipped with specific sleeves and holders for laptops and tablets in order for all digital friends to remain unharmed. We offer bags specifically made for seekers. The range goes from a minimalistic Linked bag or Eggworm to a very sleek and dignified Core Series or Merge pack. Alle these characters are born and ready to speed through city traffic or relax next to his owner on the subway.

JeanPaul Paula

"Over the years, Eastpak has defined what a backpack truly means. And now, that means a soberly designed pack that is laptop-friendly."

Those are the words of Paris stylist @jeanpaulpaula who modelled for us.
All our tech-bags are equipped with a laptop sleeve but maintained their classic and sleek shape. But we’re not keeping it too sober. As a contrast to the classic Eastpak designs, we offer the widest range of bright colors and prints.
Eastpak really has a bag for everybody.

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