Introducing the second collection

    Celebrate pop art going “Underground” with the second posthumous collab between Eastpak and the legendary Andy Warhol. A tribute to one of our most influential fans that reinvents our own icon with a pop culture interpretation.

    The iconic banana print

    Wear a piece of musical history with this high-end translation of our original backpack shape, featuring a silkscreen print of the legendary Warhol Banana: art that forms one of the 20th century’s most famous album covers. Completed with an exclusive lining printed with the artist’s personal philosophy.

    Pop art is for everyone: an everyday celebration of Andy Warhol is also
    available to help you express who you are.

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    The return of Andy Warhol x Eastpak

    Pop meets culture in the second meeting of Andy Warhol x Eastpak, celebrating the visionary designs and instantly recognisable prints of both collaborators in this luxe floral print carry.

    Famous florals

    A high-end interpretation of our classic backpack shape, reimagined with Warhol’s famous Flower design silkscreen printed onto buttery-soft leather. A limited edition collection made even more special with exclusive lining that captures the artist’s most famous quotes.

    An alternative, accessible collection that celebrates Andy Warhol is available for your everyday carry.

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