How to choose a backpack

An Eastpak backpack is so much more than just a bag. Your backpack—and the way you wear it—is a statement about you and your unique style. The right backpack has all the features you need to get out and explore, hands-free and totally confident that your stuff is safely stashed.

Here’s our handy guide on how to choose your new Eastpak bag.

Looking for a reason
to buy a backpack?

I need a classic

Backpacks are a style staple—there’s no doubt about it. We’ve taken this classic favourite and reimagined it countless ways, using fabrics, functionality and daring design to create backpacks for city slickers, urban explorers, trendsetters and globetrotters. Find the right bag and you’ll find a timeless companion.

Padded Pak’r®

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Padded Zippl’r®

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Back to work

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Out Of Office

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I need something small

Sometimes less is more. When all you need is the bare essentials (and an extra tablet or book) a mini backpack delivers. Pick up a portable Casyl for your next micro-adventure or the super casual Orbit Sleek’r—they may be smaller in size, but they’re big on attitude.

Orbit Sleek’r

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Style is my thing

If you’re looking to make a statement, a heritage look or leather back can be the perfect choice. Pick our Ciera in soft leather for a classic look, or the heritage styling of our London and Austin backpacks allow you to combine functionality with style.

I need something for commuting

Backpacks give you the freedom to move, explore, work and play, without juggling your gear or feeling weighed down. Pick up a backpack that means business with Volker, Evanz, and Hutson, or hit the town with a backpack companion that finishes your outfit with undeniable flair.

Top loaders are best

The vintage-inspired rope and buckle closure on our Toploader backpacks turn an old-school classic into a modern must-have. Bust and Macnee toploaders are packed with functionality and thoughtful detailing to give the classic design a stylish kick.

I need lots of space

Large load? Have no fear—you can crank up the volume of your backpack while keeping all the efficiency and organisation of a much smaller bag. Pinnacle, Provider, Ultimate and Egghead bags have the functionality you need to organise and protect your essentials. Big burdens aren’t our bag, so each backpack is designed to be extra strong and comfortable to wear.


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Make a statement

A backpack is more than a bag, it’s a new opportunity to express your unique style. Whether you love bold colours, striking prints, tactile leather or modern fabrics, you’ll find an Eastpak companion to match. See for yourself:

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Style inspiration from Eastpak lovers

Eastpak backpacks are worn by trendsetters from all walks of life. Check out these style statements from Eastpaklovers across the world and find the inspiration you’ve been looking for…

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