Cabin Size

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  1. Trans4 S Black View all by Eastpak - view 1
    3 Colors
  2. Tranverz S Whale Grey Tranverz by Eastpak - view 2
  3. Morepack Black Luggage by Eastpak
    2 Colors
  4. Travelpack Black Denim Luggage by Eastpak - view 1
  5. Transit'R S Sunday Grey LUGGAGE by Eastpak - view 1
  6. Ttransit'R S Triple Denim LUGGAGE by Eastpak - view 6
  7. Transit'R S The Simpsons Neon Print Luggage by Eastpak - view 1
  8. Travelpack Rainbow Dark Luggage by Eastpak
61 results
Showing 48 out of 61 products

Cabin Size Luggage

Make easy work of business trips with our cabin size luggage. Infinitely practical, these cabin bags keep your gear neatly organised while saving you time at the terminal. Available in a range of colours and prints to suit your travel purpose, cabin luggage is the smart finishing touch to any well-seasoned traveller's line-up. Pair with our travel accessories for a well-coordinated, sophisticated start to your journey.

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