Resist boredom. Inspiring positivity through creativity

At Eastpak, we’re Built to Resist. We are here to express ourselves as individuals and inspire positive resistance along the way. We believe that now is a good time to inspire positivity through creativity. We’re taking the time to celebrate the works of artists, creators, photographers, and animators. These creatives help us to bring our ideas to life and unlock new ones. Get inspired by our recent collaborations and find out why collaboration is part of our Eastpak DNA.

Why we love to collaborate

Bob Jeusette

'Fabrics are where we feel the safest as humans, but when we're looking at them up close, we don't really know them and how complex they are. It is an interesting paradox and I love that' @bobjeusette


'All of this quarantining has been a wobbly rollercoaster of feelings and emotions, but it's slowly levelling out. It's making me think twice about how and where I spend my time and who with. As horrible as the situation is, it's never been a better time for a bit of self-reflection.’ @biffstudio

Subin Yang

‘I was already a bit of a homebody before the quarantine, but after being forced to stay in, I realized I actually rely on so many people for living both physically and mentally. Here’s an introvert hermit crab lady delighted to receive a letter from a friend while staying indoors.’ @subinie94

Emil Pabon

'Upside Down Guy is a performance artist who, when seen from a distance, thinks he looks like he’s walking upside down. His goal is to exist in the minds of others as a question mark, and I’m sure he succeeds at that, if not for the right reasons.' @emilpabon

Frederik Vercruysse

'The ‘antenna' transmits and accepts signals.Thanks to the antenna, we exchange ideas and energy and we stay connected. It expands borders of the world surrounding us. Be patient, adjust the antenna and focus on the positive change we can make.' @frederik_vercruysse

Martina Bjorn

Water, Fire & an Apple - Lockdown trinity. It's a peculiar feeling being in your everyday environment, yet profoundly experiencing life so differently. With this said, and with time passing during lockdown, I felt the urge to look upon the most simple things. The familiar turned unfamiliar. Daydreaming turned into studying imagery of frustration and desire. This apple on fire under pouring water sums up my current state of mind. When can life start living again?

Rachel Levit

‘As time slows down, and we are limited by our circumstances, I am inspired by the creative possibilities... how can we do more with less?‘ @rachellevit

Eva Cremers

‘This illustration totally reflects my current situation. I’m obviously staying inside as much as I can, but I therefore find myself way too much behind a screen, both for work and to binge-watch. I try to create things, but I feel way less energized during the day. Trying hard not to come out of these weird times unhealthy and like a big couch potato! Fingers crossed we can soon meet our loved ones again!’

Victor Pattyn

Victor Pattyn

Quarantine forces us to focus on what’s close and usual, trapped into some kind of mystical contemplation. We now discern beauty in everything, even among our grocery products. This aesthetic still life brings us back to our own boredom, imagination and basic needs.

Jan Von Holleben

Why not do some amazing magic whilst staying at home? Grab anything you like, lay it on the floor, lay your hands beside and ABERAAAAA CADABERRRRAAHHHH: EVERYTHING FLOATS IN MID AIR!

Marylou Faure

‘The hardest thing I'm finding with confinement is to be away from my friends and family - I think a lot of people can relate to that. I wanted to create a piece that reflected that in a peaceful way, and to use this as a way to tell them that I missed them.’