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Shoulder Bag Sale

Looking for a bag that's stylish, compact and functional? Look no further than the Eastpak shoulder bag sale. Find something to suit your style, with options ranging from plain black laptop bags to funky patterned bags. If you're looking for something a little bigger, check out our backpack sale.
31 results
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  1. Bundel Dickies Khaki Accessories by Eastpak - Front view
  2. Wanda Luxe Dots

    Wanda Luxe Dots

    2 Colors
  3. Koché Springer Black Koché by Eastpak - view 0
  4. The One Rainbow Colour
  5. Page Bliss Dark

    Page Bliss Dark

    21 Colors
  6. Page Bliss Crystal

    Page Bliss Crystal

    21 Colors
  7. Raf Simons Waist Loop White Star New by Eastpak - view 5
  8. Raf Simons Waist Loop Beige America by Eastpak - view 5
  9. The One Muted Grey Shoulderbags by Eastpak - view 2
  10. Page Bliss Cloud

    Page Bliss Cloud

    21 Colors
  11. The One Shapes Black
  12. The One Shapes Grey
  13. Puffa Bum Bag Dark Accessories by Eastpak - view 0
  14. Puffa Bum Bag Red Accessories by Eastpak - view 0
  15. The One Shapes Blue
  16. Ada Matte Crystal
  17. The One Shell Marble Shoulderbags by Eastpak - view 0
31 results
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