Inspired by the world of Vlisco

When the first fabrics made by Dutch designer and manufacturer, Vlisco found their way to the West African coast over 160 years ago, they sparked a fashion revolution that soon spread like wildfire. One that is still burning as brightly today as Vlisco’s bold and colorful “wax Hollandais” fabrics. Now, thanks to a unique collaboration between Vlisco, Eastpak and fashion designer Harvey Bouterse, that original and unmistakeable African flavor has been recreated in the equally iconic form of the Eastpak Padded Pak’r® backpack. 

A Bag with a Story to Tell

The design of this limited edition collection was inspired by a famous Vlisco print, originally entitled “speedbird”. Capturing the spirit of both the old world and the new, this print was once adopted by Air Afrique, a local airline based in Togo, as the uniform for its stewards and stewardesses. And now, thanks to this unique collaboration with Eastpak and Harvey Bouterse, this archived print is taking to the skies once more.

Limited Edition Collection 

Like Eastpak, it is part of Vlisco’s DNA to seek inspiration from a variety of sources. And so for this special limited-edition collection, both teamed up with renowned Antwerp based designer and Eastpak Artist Studio artist, Harvey Bouterse to produce a limited edition collection of backpacks made from Vlisco’s famous “wax Hollandais” fabric. Harvey’s designs incorporate a classic Vlisco print in two color versions limited to 300 numbered pieces each. As an added extra, each backpack also comes with a matching picnic blanket. 

True Dutch Craftsmanship 

Still produced today according to the same, time-honored techniques as over 160 years ago, every square inch of Vlisco’s celebrated “wax Hollandais” fabrics are utterly unique. They are printed on both sides – yet another unique feature – and woven from high-quality yarn which makes them as versatile as they are durable. In other words, they represent the pinnacle of Dutch craftsmanship from design to finish. 

A World of Inspiration 

The joint initiative between Eastpak and Vlisco is part of a series of unique collaborations. As the name suggests, each collection will be “Inspired by the World of” some of the most celebrated fabric designers and manufacturers from around the globe. Each with their own rich heritage, iconic personality and unique story to tell. And one that will be carried all over the world thanks to Eastpak. 

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