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Our Sustainability Journey

At Eastpak, we’re Built to Resist. Since 1952, we’ve continued to make durable designs that are built to last. We believe in buying less and buying better when it comes to bags. By opting for quality designs that will stand the test of time, we reduce waste and our impact on the environment.

Our steps towards sustainability

We’re moving in the right direction by applying these four Rs to our business practices and lifestyle choices.


We're opting for quality over quantity when it comes to creating durable designs that stay strong and in style, with a warranty of up to thirty years on our products. Buying better and buying less helps everyone to reduce their consumption.


Our multi-functional bags and luggage are made to last, so if you buy a new backpack, keep the old one on hand as a shopping bag or sports bag. If you decide to part with your bag, pass it on to a friend or donate it to charity. Don't add more to landfill.


Our bag and luggage styles are built to resist your active lifestyle, around-the-world trips, and everyday adventures. Wear and tear can happen to the most durable of bags, so we’ll do our best to repair any damage, covered by our 30-year warranty.


We’re working to recycle materials that can’t be reused or repaired. We’re increasing our use of recycled fabrics without compromising quality or durability in our upcoming collections. If we can't use recycled materials in production now, we'll continue to try and source materials that meet our quality standards.

Built to last

As our designs evolve, the quality of our products remains the same. We conduct thorough tests on all of our products to ensure they meet our strict quality standards.

We test the durability of our products and guarantee that the water-resistant finishes, strong zippers and hard-wearing wheels are built to stand the test of time.

Reducing waste and preserving style

As part of our mission to minimise waste and preserve style, we’re using recycled materials and leftover fabrics to create more sustainable designs. We’re repurposing your pre-loved bags and using responsibly-sourced materials to reinvent our Eastpak icons.

Your limited warranty guarantee

We design bags that are built to endure your active lifestyle and that are with you for the long haul. We know that even with the most durable materials, things sometimes break so we’re here to help.

With sustainability in mind, our limited warranty policy helps to extend the life of our products with up to thirty years of cover.

Up to 30 year limited warranty

Tracing our steps

We’re taking responsibility for our production processes, our people and the places where we work. Our traceability maps trace the steps and processes that our products take to get from the start of the supply chain to arriving at your home.

Tracing our steps
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