A nossa equipa de apoio ao cliente está a enfrentar um grande volume de contatos de momento, portanto, o nosso tempo de resposta pode ser um pouco maior que o normal.
Pedimos desculpas pelo atraso.


Eastpak x Smiley

Starting as an outlet for positive new stories in a French newspaper in 1972, Smiley has grown to become a counterculture icon, shaping the way we share and express happiness.

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Smiley’s iconic symbol is transformed into three vibrant prints, the Smiley Big print, Smile Mini all-over print, and Smiley Camo print. The four-style collection elevates our classic designs with silk-screen printed graphics and heat-embossed linings.

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Stories to make you smile

To celebrate our new collaboration, we’re sharing stories to make you smile. We’re putting the spotlight on projects run by organisations that work to uplift communities.

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