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Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month

This month, we’re celebrating Black History Month by sharing the works of talented creatives and supporting the charity Hope not Hate.

Sharing stories through art

We’re teaming up with a diverse mix of creatives to turn up the volume on black cultural awareness. Each week, we will share the work of an artist and the stories behind the art, to share different perspectives and celebrate diversity. We will work closely with black artists to create a platform where they can share their culture, as well as welcoming allies to join the conversation.

Ngadi Smart

Ngadi Smart is a Sierra Leonean visual artist who specialises in illustration and photography. Ngadi explores ideas of identity, feminism, and the representation of African people in her work.

Ngadi’s illustration portrays a young black girl with fists in place of her Bantu knots. The black and white fists symbolise that the fight against racism must be fought together with the help of allies, to secure a safer future for black children.

Flavia Salvatori

Flavia Salvadori

Flavia Salvadori is a designer based in Los Angeles with an eye for typography. Salvadori’s colourful creations are shaped by activism and statements against injustice.

"Maya Angelou's poetry and words have always spoken to me. I chose this quote because it so succinctly illustrates her skill as a writer and as an activist. In context of what's happening in our world today, this message felt particularly poignant."

Cathal Duane

Cathal Duane

Cathal Duane is a freelance illustrator from Ireland. Cathal’s illustrations are shaped by figurative forms and vibrant colour schemes.

This sketch portrays allies getting out of their comfort zones by having the awkward but constructive conversations that are required to help people acknowledge the reality of racism."



Wildlogic is a design space created by Edinah, a visual artist and designer. At the intersection of culture and business, Wildlogic is a platform that unites female-led brands and encourages them to share ideas and empower one another.

"I chose these words because I believe wholeheartedly how powerful our visions of the future are and that right now doesn't have to define your tomorrow. The radial ombre shape to me symbolises wholeness, a centre point amongst all things and situations."

Hope not Hate

From each sale of our Resist Racism collection, we will donate a portion of proceeds to the Hope not Hate charity that works to raise awareness and campaigns against racism across the UK. We will donate an additional £10,000 to fund 39 Hope not Hate educational school visits that will benefit 6,000 students in England and Wales.

Make a stand against inequality

Make a statement with our stand-out designs that raise funds for Hope not Hate. Our classic designs are reimagined with a stand-out keyring puller with slogans that resist racism and inequality.

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