Eastpak x Smiley: Focusing on the positives

To celebrate our new collaboration, we’re sharing stories to make you smile. We’re putting the spotlight on projects run by organisations that work to uplift communities. We’re teaming up with the Smiley Movement to support a home in Ukraine that works to house and support pregnant women and mothers facing difficult circumstances.


Our contribution to charity Depaul International

Leading global homelessness charity Depaul’s mission is to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it, supporting vulnerable, disadvantaged, or homeless people around the world. We’re supporting one of Depaul’s life-changing projects in Ukraine, a country in most need of support due to an extreme lack of funding in the country.

Depaul’s Korotich Mother and Child Home provides ongoing support and a safe place to stay for mothers with children and pregnant women affected by homelessness. Our contribution will fund living costs and development programmes that are in place to help 12 women and their children for 8 months, so they can live happy and healthy lives, with brighter futures ahead.

Stories to make you smile

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A story of empowering women

In Reading, England, the Alana House Community Café opens its doors to women in search of new skills, education, or simply a chat over coffee. The café is a safe space for women to seek support, run by women who have been trained as baristas and employed by the charitable project. Since visiting the café, women have found confidence, full-time employment, and valuable life skills.


A story celebrating new life

As we welcome newborns into the world, we do everything to ensure they grow into happy and healthy individuals. Across Greece, CRIBS International works tirelessly to provide shelter and care for pregnant refugee women and families with infants. Providing the basic necessities we may take for granted, CRIBS International helps families to access healthcare, education, and a safe place to stay when they arrive in Europe.


A story inspiring youth

In the Molenbeek area of Brussels, Molengeek invites young aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to code in an environment that embraces diversity. With no experience necessary, young people can drop-in to the weekly sessions to learn how to code and develop their computer skills, with industry professionals and mentors on-hand for extra support and guidance.


A story of growth in the wilderness

The UK-based Wilderness Foundation invites groups of young people that have faced difficult times or personal struggles, to go on an adventure in the Scottish wilderness. The week-long expedition encourages participants to develop skills and build confidence with the stunning Scottish nature as the backdrop. Upon returning home, participants get involved with the project’s weekly mentoring sessions, as they continue to flourish and pursue work and education opportunities.

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