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Shop the leading Eastpak accessories with our bestselling practical companions. Showcasing pieces from our popular Benchmark pencil case collection and the easy-wearing Springer range, these accessories are perfectly co-ordinated with Eastpak bags to complete your look. Designed to be partnered with our luggage, backpacks and holdalls to make sure you're ready for anything travel could throw at you.
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  1. Mastermind Bane Mind Black

    Mastermind Bane Mind Black

    kr 475,00
    1 Color
  2. Doggy Bag Midnight Accessories by Eastpak - Front view

    Doggy Bag Midnight

    Special Price kr 137,40 [-40%] Regular Price kr 229,00
    18 Colors
  3. Cory Drops Accessories by Eastpak - view 5

    Cory Drops Reflective Backpack Rain Cover

    kr 75,00
    4 Colors
  4. Benchmark Run Rabbit Authentic by Eastpak - view 1

    Benchmark Run Rabbit

    kr 89,00
    57 Colors
  5. Benchmark Black Accessories by Eastpak - Front view

    Benchmark Black

    kr 89,00
    57 Colors
  6. Benchmark Single Japanese Night Accessories by Eastpak - view 0

    Benchmark Single Japanese Night

    kr 89,00
    57 Colors
  7. The One Black View all by Eastpak - view 2

    The One Black

    kr 229,00
    38 Colors
7 results
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